Word of the Week: Week 14



  1. A person who sleepwalks

Ex: The child was a somnambulist, adventuring around the house nearly every night. 

Pronunciation:     /Som-nam-byoo-list/


Word of the Week: Week 13



  1. A ringing or tinkling sound

Ex: The music from the bells consisted of a strange tintinnabulation, a soft clanging, and the wind rushing past the bell tower. 

Pronunciation: /tin-tin-nab-yoo-lay-shun/

New post thread coming soon: Ainsley’s Adventures in Language Acquisition

Hiya! I have a new post thread coming soon about languages! Read the full post to get more details!
– Ainsley 🙂

Hey guys!

If you have previously read my “About” page then you may know that I love learning new languages; if not, well then now you know: I love learning languages! I just think it’s amazing that there are so many different ways in which we can communicate with others, intellectually and culturally. For the past couple of years, beginning in high school, I have been learning French but recently I’ve decided to take a short break and instead work on touching other areas of my family heritage. While I would love to learn a multitude of languages, there are two main ones that I will focus on: German and Gàidhlig (Scottish Gaelic).  Continue reading “New post thread coming soon: Ainsley’s Adventures in Language Acquisition”

Behind on posting…

Hey guys!

I just wanted to say that I apologize for not posting anything in the past couple of months. I was caught up in studying for finals, making my spring schedule, and other college things. From now on I will try to be as consistent as possible in posting, and soon I will be putting up a wider variety of posts — not just “Word of the Week” posts. 


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